SistaWRITE Retreat Testimonials

This trip was transformative for me in ways that I haven’t been able to describe fully.  On the ferry to Ocracoke, I imagined writing the word “should” on scraps of paper and letting the scraps go into the water, peeling off all those obligations and expectations I’ve plastered my life with.  I arrived expecting nothing but open to everything.  What I got in return for that openness was magic and my own voice coming back.  — Mel Bramble, poet

I really, really needed time to myself that was free of work or home demands –  it was wonderful being able to get that kind of time. It meant a great deal to me to have time having meaningful conversations with women, listening to you and others sing, walking together around the island…. Meals were excellent. Really. The food was beautiful, and right on target. — Addy Robinson McCulloch, poet

To be nurtured in this way was more than I dreamed of!  What wonderful cooks the Sisters are!!  Such a basis to work from to be fed well and have private meal conversations.  Thank you for your diet sensitivity and soul nurturing food! The Inn was perfect and comfortable and full of mystery and history.  I would be less inspired in more modern accommodations.  My room was amazing and I miss it so.  I could go on forever there, looking out the window. — Lee Crawford Moore, artist and writer

SistaWRITE was a wonderful experience. I met wonderful people, ate good food, and was able to write in a peaceful & picturesque environment. I appreciated the love and the way the womyn held one another in our power and words. — Kynita Stringer Stanback, writer